Pi5 - milling your smile
 Die Zukunft der Zahntechnik hat begonnen

„Experience unmatched milling speed and quality with our state-of-the-art machine, perfect for any dental laboratory!"

That was the development goal of the Pi5.

The CIMT GmbH is part of a group of companies that develops and builds high-speed measuring and milling machines for industrial use. Their expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes enable them to set new standards also in the field of dental technology.
The Pi5 was designed for the heavy and complex processing of CoCr and titanium. Of course, all common materials can also be milled or ground on the Pi5 in exceptional quality. The processing can be done dry or wet.
The dental milling machine Pi5 is your milling machine for dental technology. Orders can be transmitted directly from any PC to any number of machines via a user interface. After the order has been transmitted from a CAM workstation, the machine that fits the job starts fully automatically and completes it.
Customized to your needs, the Pi5 dental milling machine is available as a 5-axis machining system. Equipped with state-of-the-art control technology, a maximum of 20-tool changer, a maximum of 10-workpiece changer and a scan system, fully automated work is possible. The easy-to-clean workspace completes the operating comfort.

Arbeitsraum der Pi5


Features & Optionen Pi5

  • Steel-mineral casting body
  • Servo drives in all axes, max. 20m/min
  • 5-axis machining
  • 15" touch-screen operation, powered by CIMT HMI technology
  • Milling spindle, 50,000 RPM, 4.7 kW peak power
  • Large 35° rotary axis swivel range
  • One cassette for 10 blanks & 20 tools
  • 10 clamping rings for blanks with a diameter of 98mm and a thickness of 40mm
  • 2-stage flood cooling system for milling tools
  • Pi-Clean cleaning and suction system
  • Tool length sensor & 3D measuring probe
  • Remote maintenance camera including Teamviewer QS
  • Vibration damping of the Y-axis

Materialien in Pi5

Alle gängigen Dentalwerkstoffe können mühelos in der Pi5 zerspant werden.

Blanks for Pi5

All common dental blanks with a diameter of 98mm can be inserted into the machine's clamping ring holders. The maximum height of the blanks is 40mm.

Applications in Pi5

The standard applications that can be produced on the machine include: 

  • Käppchen
  • Caps
  • Crowns, bridges
  • Inlays, Onlays, Veneers
  • Cast frameworks
  • Bars
  • Splints
  • Telescopic work
  • Abutments, preforms



Cassette system and clamping rings for Pi5

One particular feature of the machine is the modular cassette system. If needed, you can externally equip as many cassettes as you like, with up to 20 milling cutters and up to 10 blanks. This allows for an optimal and time-saving material change. A clamping ring holder can accommodate material or standard abutment holders.
The scanning system described below further increases productivity significantly...

Blank and tool scanning feature for Pi5 

Before starting the machining process, the machine checks whether all necessary tools are available and at which position in the cassette they have been loaded by the operator. For this purpose, an RFID reader mounted on the tool holder scans all positions in the cassette. Every tool and material that has been encoded with RFID can be identified and assigned without errors. The scanning process can be carried out automatically or manually as many times as desired, providing maximum safety. The accidental use of a wrong tool is thus excluded. The mileage in meters is written into the tool after each tool change, thus directly recorded in the milling cutter.

Pi-Clean cleaning system

The fully automated cleaning system Pi-Clean of the milling machine performs a quick and thorough cleaning of the workspace.

Limit switches and a laser measurement system monitor the movement.

Chips & Dust Extraction System for Pi5

For safe disposal of chips and dust, a powerful extraction system with filter class m according to EN 60335-2-69 is available. The extraction system has two extraction connections controlled by the machine. One connection collects chips during machining, while the other is connected to the Pi-Clean workspace cleaning system, which vacuums up chips remaining in the workspace after cleaning. The maintenance-free extraction turbine, designed for many thousands of hours of operation, ensures 24/7 operation.

3D touch probe for Pi5

A tactile measuring probe for calibrating the milling machine and for quality control of the milled restorations is an integral part of the machine. Already a standard in industry for many years, this measuring technology is now making its way into the dental industry as well. The 3D measuring probe automatically detects any necessary milling deviations during production, after which the machine's control system executes a re-milling step.

PI5 User Interface

The dental technician has access to a user interface developed by CIMT and Bosch Rexroth, which is easy to operate intuitively. Displayed on an industrial touchscreen of 15.4" with safety glass cover, it ensures error-free operation even in harsh environments.
From loading the tools and blanks, to loading the job and live simulation, the user interface leaves nothing to be desired. After or during the completion of the jobs, the dental technician can compare the finished work with the live simulation and choose a finer or coarser strategy in the CAM if necessary. This ensures an even more time-saving production of your work.
Continuous further development is a matter of course.

Transport and delivery of Pi5

Depending on the local conditions, the machine can be delivered in one piece or in sections, allowing for easy transport in narrow staircases or small elevators.

If the machine is delivered in ONE piece, production can start after one hour. If it is delivered in sections, a CIMT service technician will assemble the machine on site. For this purpose, the highly rigid machine body is simply placed on top of the electrical cabinet.

Download-Area Pi5 DENTAL


The following is a simple installation plan with technical data for the Pi5 milling machine that can be downloaded as a PDF or as a simple image.

Installation plan Pi5

(identical to the following download files -german language-)


Pi5 Installation Plan (PDF-German)
Click on the left to download the installation plan of the machine.
Pi5_Dental_technische Daten_1.pdf (159.64KB)
Pi5 Installation Plan (PDF-German)
Click on the left to download the installation plan of the machine.
Pi5_Dental_technische Daten_1.pdf (159.64KB)

Pi5 Aufstellplan (als Bildformat)
Links klicken zum Herunterladen des Aufstellplans der Maschine.
Pi5_Dental_technische Daten.jpg (93.2KB)
Pi5 Aufstellplan (als Bildformat)
Links klicken zum Herunterladen des Aufstellplans der Maschine.
Pi5_Dental_technische Daten.jpg (93.2KB)

Networked for Maximum Availability
In addition to programming a specialized HMI for operators without CNC knowledge, Cimt simplifies the operation of the machine through comprehensive networking. The MTX comes standard with an OPC UA client/server and already supports the new VDW interface umati. This cross-manufacturer standard for machine tools allows for customer- or manufacturer-specific configurations for individual mapping and transformation of parameters via standardized input.
Cimt can remotely access the machine and perform maintenance tasks wirelessly via the Bosch Rexroth IoT gateway. Additionally, users can wirelessly retrieve information via any device with a web browser. If there are issues with a workpiece, the user can cancel the milling process, eject the workpiece, and initiate the processing of the next blank. An integrated remote maintenance camera simplifies the work.

Collaboration with Bosch Rexroth
The CNC dental milling machine Pi5 is designed to be simple, productive, and connected.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful processing capabilities, it can quickly and accurately produce a wide range of dental restorations. Additionally, its connectivity features enable seamless integration with other digital dental workflows and technologies, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient production process.

Pi5 developed a CNC machine for 5-axis simultaneous machining that is as small as a stand-alone refrigerator and ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) in collaboration with Bosch Rexroth's CNC system solution MTX, completely in a virtual environment. This is the first machine in the dental market that has been completely developed and tested with a digital twin of the Rexroth MTX CNC system.