Pi5 - we speed you up!

Made in Germany, designed for your Future

  • Unique acceleration & milling performance milling with 5.7 kW power
  • All dental materials are milled with utmost efficiency
  • Especially proven for CoCr Highspeed without Excavations 
  • High-precision machining Premium surface
  • 10 Blank mounting bracket  / 20 station tool changer
  • Dry and Wet Machining
  • integrated shop for tools and Material
  • high-quality industrial components 
  • Automatic chips extraction system 
  • Open system for CAM, milling tools, and blanks

„Experience unmatched milling speed and quality with our state-of-the-art machine, perfect for any dental laboratory!"

That was the development goal of the Pi5.

The CIMT GmbH is part of a group of companies that develops and builds high-speed measuring and milling machines for industrial use. Their expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes enable them to set new standards also in the field of dental technology.
The Pi5 was designed for the heavy and complex processing of CoCr and titanium. Of course, all common materials can also be milled or ground on the Pi5 in exceptional quality. The processing can be done dry or wet.
The dental milling machine Pi5 is your milling machine for dental technology. Orders can be transmitted directly from any PC to any number of machines via a user interface. After the order has been transmitted from a CAM workstation, the machine that fits the job starts fully automatically and completes it.
Customized to your needs, the Pi5 dental milling machine is available as a 5-axis machining system. Equipped with state-of-the-art control technology, a maximum of 20-tool changer, a maximum of 10-workpiece changer and a scan system, fully automated work is possible. The easy-to-clean workspace completes the operating comfort.

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Combining precision and speed working

The compact Pi5 CNC dental milling machine is made of mineral casting, which leads to high temperature stability and accuracy. It is designed for dry and wet machining of numerous materials, from non-precious metals, titanium, steel, zirconia, green ceramic, copper, graphite to plastics. The machining is performed exclusively by HSC milling spindles. An optimized dental milling spindle with up to 5,700W peak power, increased torque, and a maximum nominal speed of 50,000 rpm performs the milling process safely. A new generation of milling cutters, in combination with the power and distortion resistance of the Pi5, allows for very high milling speeds.

Furthermore, the fully-fledged machine must meet very specific requirements. Dental clinics and laboratories are often located in inner cities and residential areas. The Pi5 comes with a power supply of 3x 16A and, despite its servo technology, complies with the EMC regulations for residential areas. In addition, with a width of 78 cm, it fits through normal door frames and, with a weight of around 800 kg, considers the load-bearing capacity of ceilings in residential and commercial buildings.

The combination of speed and precision is ensured by the MTX CNC system. It is finely scalable in hardware and controls up to 250 axes in up to 60 NC channels with just one control hardware in its most powerful configuration. The system is based on open standards and offers numerous predefined technology functions. The solution includes a wide range of intelligent servo drives and servo motors as well as expandable IO modules and a safety controller that are perfectly matched to it.

The world's first dental machine developed entirely in a virtual environment

Cimt Engineering utilized Rexroth's engineering services for the programming, simulation, and testing of the CNC system in the development of their new  dental machine. This enabled the development time to be reduced to one year. Bosch Rexroth provides a complete digital twin for each MTX, which allows machine manufacturers to simulate and optimize the behavior of the system solution along with all axis movements without any control hardware, using the STL Machine Builder and the MTX Operation Desktop. "We also created a digital 3D machine model and were able to completely design and test the machine virtually in collaboration with Rexroth specialists," recalls Christian Heine. "The Pi5 is the first machine in the dental market that was completely developed virtually." This includes the design and sizing of Bosch Rexroth's ball screw drives, as well as the complete PLC and CNC programming according to DIN 66025. The specialists optimized the dynamics of all movements on their computers to achieve maximum productivity before Cimt began assembling the first Pi5.